The Act on Personal Data Processing - are you ready?

The clock is ticking - soon the 25. May 2018 will be here, and the EUs Act on Personal Data Processing will take effect. 

Catrine Søndergaard Byrne is recognized for her work with personaldata, and knows far too well the companies frustration with the new rules for processing of personal data. In her daily work she provides sparring, counseling and legal advice. 

But to get the right focus, Catrines has together with extern businesspartners developed courses, which focuses in legal demands, practical implementations, action-plan and processes - with focus on special areas for lawyers, and in the area of renting law. 

[Kurser med Teknologisk Institut og Carve Consult]

[Kurser for Danske Advokater]

[Kurser for Ejendomsforeningen]